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Bah Humbug Grand Prize Winner 2018

Wow. Just saw this news item about a substitute teacher whose heart is two sizes too small. For some unknown reason she decided the relevance of Santa Clause was a great conversation topic for a class of first graders.

Then she moved on to tackle the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Elf on a Shelf, and leprechauns.

Whether you think that’s appropriate for your kids or not, that’s a parent discussion. Period.

Anyway, come on up teach and collect your prize 🖕

Teacher Who Spoiled Santa Won’t Return to NJ School

Health alert issued for salads, wraps from Kroger, Trader Joe’s, Walgreens due to parasite concern

If you’re trying to eat more vegtables like I am you’ve probably started eating lots of green salads.

If you haven got the time or inclination to chop stuff up yourself you’ve probably found your grocery stores packaged salad section. If so, there’s another recall going on.

Here is a direct link to download the PDF file from CDC of what’s being recalled.

Kevin Bacon Finally Wins the Good Fight

You can now do something in Fort Smith Arkansas that you that been able to do legally since 1953.

You can now dance in public on a Sunday.

It’s kind of amazing to watch hokey movies with a weird premise like, “what if there were a town that still forbids dancing,” and realize there really were places like that. Heck, up until this summer, and 34 years after Kevin Bacon started the war to dance in publicagain, Fort Smith, Arkansas was still one of those weird, hokey places.

Dog Heart Disease May Be Linked to Potato-Based Pet Food, FDA Says

Just saw this article that warns there may be an increased chance if heart disease to dogs from eating “pet foods with peas, lentils, potatoes and other legume seeds.”

Large dog breeds are susceptible to canine dilated cacdiomypatohy which enlarges the heart, causing it to weaken. This can lead to heart failure. Veterinarians are starting to see an increase in this condition amongst smaller breeds who only rarely contracted it before.

The article is extremely short on the details that lead the FDA to suspect those ingredients in their food were to blame. I know I’ve purchased foods with those ingredients before, but I plan to avoid them in the future until more studies are done.

Remembering Evel

In case you missed the History channel show “Evel Live” gets Travis Pastrana recreating one of Evel Knievel’s most iconic stunts, jumping the fountain at Ceasers Palace.

When Evel attempted the jump in 1967 he lost control of the landing, broke just about every bone in his body, and was in a coma for almost a month.

Travis avoided the spectacular crash as he sailed over the fountain with ease. Travis also jumped over more than 50 crushed cars and then jumped over 18 buses prior to the fountain stunt. That’s three death defying Evel tributes in one day!

Would be Supervillains

Here’s some footage of two supervillain wannabes hopefully discovering that a life of crime isn’t for them.

What illicit goodies were this pair hoping to score by taking a trash can from a doggie daycare center? What cool, unique, totally awesome verbiage was on that sign? How rigid was the timing on this caper that the wheelman couldn’t stop two seconds to find out how badly he ran over his partner? How much alcohol was consumed before they thought this was a good idea?

A whole lot of work for a can full of poop (that he left behind).

Remembering Challenger

The remarkable story behind the soccer ball that survived the Challenger explosion.

Just saw this wonderful story about Ellison Onizuka, the first Hawaiian in space, the tragic explosion of the Challenger, his soccer ball that was one if the rare things recovered intact, and the two times the ball made it into orbit.

Mission Accomplished….

Webb Delayed Again

Just saw that the replacement for the Hubble Telescope will be delayed again.

Webb Space Telescope pushed back again, won’t launch until 2021

The biggest problem facing Webb is after 2019 the funding needs another Congressional approval for 2020 and beyond. With NASA and hard science spending a low priority of the #MAGA race to the bottom crowd it might not ever get up there.

Some lowlights of what triggered this delay:

  • Fasteners for the sunscreen weren’t tightened sufficiently prior to testing under simulated launch conditions. Over a dozen of them popped loose, several ended up inside the spacecraft body, and two of them still haven’t been definitively located.
  • Using a solvent to clean valves without checking with the valve manufacturer; the improper solvent damaged the valves and forced their replacement.
  • Relied on the word of a single technician that test wiring was installed properly. As a result, hardware was exposed to excess voltage.

These are right up there with, “forgot if they were using the English or Metric system.”

Here’s hoping I live long enough to see an operational space telescope again.

A Triple Header of Suspense

Like Stranger Things? How about A Quiet Place? Classic Stephen King stories from back before he realized he could just churn out the same story over and over?

Well make way for The Boogeyman.

I just saw a blurb announcing the producers of Stranger Things, and the writers of A Quiet Place just optioned the rights to make Stephen Kings short story The Boogeyman into a movie. You can find that story on Night Shift which was the collection of early short stories that came out in 1978.

It’s still early in production, but this already sounds like it’ll be awesome. It also gives me a good excuse to pick up an old book and see if those stories were as good as I remember.

War is peace.  Freedom is slavery.  Ignorance is strength.

“When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came. Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and Law and Order,” he wrote.

The only thing more scary than the current President of the United States proposing we eliminate due process in the name of law and order, are the legions of partisans cheering him on as he dismantles democracy.

The greatness of our system of justice is that it applies equally to all. It isn’t supposed to play favorites or be withheld from groups that a politician declares aren’t worthy. By protecting even the lowest and least deserving of us, it guarantees protection for all of us.

Requiring a judge to hear the government’s case for kicking someone out of the country, even when we’re reasonably sure that person will be excluded, is one of the checks on power that keeps the government from just rounding up its critics and declaring them unworthy of justice.
First they came for…

doesn’t have a happy ending. Even if you’re white…. or a loyal, party over country, Republican.

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