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How (Not) to Fake Your Own Death

A Honduran man living in the United States decided he was tired of his wife back home asking him for money so he decided to fake his own death.

Some tips:

  • Don’t laugh while taking the pictures.
  • The morgue doesn’t cover dead bodies with a pillow case.
  • The morgue also doesn’t have double bed mattresses on the slabs.

Go Pussycats!

Just realized it’s been almost a month since I wrote a Tigers post. How have they fared since then?

Not well. They’ve won ten more games and lost twenty five. Their run production has disappeared to the point that they’ve been shut out a league leading 16 times. Oh, and they’re starting to return to the sloppy, stupid play that marked the last few seasons.

About the only pluses lately is the addition of some more good prospects that should help coming seasons, and having a manager that doesn’t watch his team stink up a ballpark, shrug his shoulders, and say, “it’s a long season and we might start winning, so I’m not going to do anything at all.”

Here is what Gardenhire had to say:

“What I can’t handle is sloppy,” he said. “That’s a donation. Just sloppy baseball. … Those are a couple things that we need to make changes in, the whole organization, the whole philosophy really has to come into play here. You have to play the game, no matter what the score is. We’re writing it all down. We’re going to have to change. This is my first time doing this with this organization and there’s going to be changes all the way up and down.”

If Gardenhire can get rid of that “What, me worry?” attitude that flourished under his predecessor, this season’s ugliness wlll be worth it.

Health alert issued for salads, wraps from Kroger, Trader Joe’s, Walgreens due to parasite concern

If you’re trying to eat more vegtables like I am you’ve probably started eating lots of green salads.

If you haven got the time or inclination to chop stuff up yourself you’ve probably found your grocery stores packaged salad section. If so, there’s another recall going on.

Here is a direct link to download the PDF file from CDC of what’s being recalled.

Everyone’s Grandpa

Guess I’m doing banjo week, so here’s another great banjo player. Louis Marshall Jones, better known as Grandpa Jones was a staple on Hee Haw and the Grand Ole Opry.

Grandpa got his nickname at a young age for acting fussy and grumpy. Being the consummate performer he was, he knew a good thing when he saw it and adopted the image as his stage persona almost immediately.

Jones played clawhammer style banjo. Unlike bluegrass, where you wear finger picks and pick up on the strings, frailers use the back of their fingernails to strike down on the strings. One of the knocks against banjo knocking is it doesn’t have much drive. I think Grandpa drove the rhythm ok myself 😉

More Banjo!

You can never have enough banjo as far as I’m concerned. So I’m doing another banjo related post. Probably because mine are stuck behind a bunch of moving boxes where I can’t get to them. I had them accessible, but my wife blocked them in. Hmm, wonder if that was by design? Nahh, you can never get enough banjo!

Anyway, here is the great Doug Dillard and his band with the equally great Vassar Clements on fiddle. If Doug looks vaguely familiar he and his musical family were called the “Darlings” when they stopped by to jam with Andy Griffith at the sheriff’s office.

Play it Like Earl…

Just about every aspiring banjo player starts off wanting to sound like Earl Scruggs. While Earl didn’t invent playing the banjo with three fingers, he certainly was the one that perfected it and brought it to popularity.

Earl was right there next to Bill Monroe when Bill was becoming the father of bluegrass. Then Earl was right there next to Lester Flatt when bluegrass invaded our living rooms and movie theaters.

In 1969, after 20 very successful years, Flatt and Scrugs decided to part. Flatt wanted to stick to traditional music, and Earl wanted to keep branching out.

In 1969 he formed the Earl Scrugs Revue with his three sons and continued to branch out and expand “banjo music” until his bad back forced him off the road in 1982.

Here’s a snippet from their appearance on Austin City Limits

So while it’s fun to “play it like Earl”, it’s also fun to remember Earl always liked to find new ways to play it.

My Title a Reign Was Short Lived

The other day I wondered if putting on my shoes and putting my shorts on over them made me the laziest person alive.

Today I relinquish that crown to this Ontario, California person who figured out how to mow their lawn without all that pushing and walking.

All hail the new Laziest Person Alive champion!

Kevin Bacon Finally Wins the Good Fight

You can now do something in Fort Smith Arkansas that you that been able to do legally since 1953.

You can now dance in public on a Sunday.

It’s kind of amazing to watch hokey movies with a weird premise like, “what if there were a town that still forbids dancing,” and realize there really were places like that. Heck, up until this summer, and 34 years after Kevin Bacon started the war to dance in publicagain, Fort Smith, Arkansas was still one of those weird, hokey places.

Dog Heart Disease May Be Linked to Potato-Based Pet Food, FDA Says

Just saw this article that warns there may be an increased chance if heart disease to dogs from eating “pet foods with peas, lentils, potatoes and other legume seeds.”

Large dog breeds are susceptible to canine dilated cacdiomypatohy which enlarges the heart, causing it to weaken. This can lead to heart failure. Veterinarians are starting to see an increase in this condition amongst smaller breeds who only rarely contracted it before.

The article is extremely short on the details that lead the FDA to suspect those ingredients in their food were to blame. I know I’ve purchased foods with those ingredients before, but I plan to avoid them in the future until more studies are done.

Remembering Evel

In case you missed the History channel show “Evel Live” gets Travis Pastrana recreating one of Evel Knievel’s most iconic stunts, jumping the fountain at Ceasers Palace.

When Evel attempted the jump in 1967 he lost control of the landing, broke just about every bone in his body, and was in a coma for almost a month.

Travis avoided the spectacular crash as he sailed over the fountain with ease. Travis also jumped over more than 50 crushed cars and then jumped over 18 buses prior to the fountain stunt. That’s three death defying Evel tributes in one day!

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