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Memphis Bound

Well, the big news, Uncle Sam has decided that my next stop is Memphis, TN. No… that was not my first choice. However, since I did grow up near Detroit in the 70’s, I still remember how to duck and cover real well. A skill that appears to be useful there 😉

I honestly have no clue what the future will bring. I spent five years on the southern border in beautiful, sunny Calexico, CA. Then another four in New Orleans, LA. The last five years have been in a place called Brunswick, GA.

It has been crazy waiting all this time without knowing what was happening from day to day. Glad that part is over. Now I just have to move in about a month!

First order of business… DOWNSIZE!

Hmm, another site update

Ok, still futzing around. I’ve removed two images from the top slidey menu. I think I like it better, but still tweaking 😉


Ok, slowly but surely I am plinking away at this new setup. I’ve added a favicon YEAH!

Uh, that’s the little picture next to the site’s address. Hey, I’m getting there 😉

I am still thinking about the theme. I like this one I have now, but it is a bit too busy for my tastes. Dissecting it now…


Ok, I seem to have everything all set up with WordPress. Now I am trying to get the theme set up, and some basic house cleaning stuff done too 😉

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