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Revenge of the Son of Hello World!

Well it’s been almost two years, time for a new blog post!

So much for keeping up with this place like I promised. The weird thing is even though I haven’t posted anything in a long, long while, I have actually been keeping the site maintained and up to date.

I guess I’m tired of looking at my fully updated, fully functional Word Press blog that is also quite fully empty. Time to get off the stick and start posting regularly again.

And this time I mean it! Sure, I meant it last time too, but this time I really, really, for 99.9999% pure mean it.

I think one of the main reasons I stop posting regularly is just a lack of time. Well, I have the time, I just seem to keep misplacing it. That’s true for the time I want to spend on this blog, and for all the rest of the “Me” time stuff I’m not doing. When I finally do get some free time to do that kind of stuff there just seems to be so many things I haven’t done that I can’t decide on which one I want to do. Instead of picking something I enjoy doing and then doing it, I just elect not to do anything and just kind of stare off in to space until the time is gone.

So, what do I plan to do to change things around and actually do “Me Things” during “Me Time”? Well, not only have I always heard you need to make sure you schedule your personal time in with your work/business/other demands time, I have even spouted that advice to lots of other people. What I haven’t done is actually follow that advice, so, after 53 years I guess it’s time.

Step one in order to regain my “Me time” is to come up with a plan. I have decided to call it my “Plan for Me time”. Pretty brilliant huh? Next up is to list the things I want to be doing during my “Me time.”

  • Post to this blog on a regular, Monday through Friday schedule
  • Post at least one photograph/video a day here and on social media
  • Practice my music
  • Do some coding
  • Actually complete some of the training courses, books and magazines I have accumulated

The next step is to look at my well planned day and see where I can fit those things in. My day starts at 3:45 am. I report to the bus garage at 5:35. Fifteen minutes to prep the bus, at the first stop by 6:30am, and then every minute plotted out after that. I record all my meals, calculate carbs, everything but the “Me time” is planned, plotted, and accounted for. Since I’m already good at following schedules and plans for the things I don’t want to do, it actually makes sense to put the things I do want to do into those schedules and plans so I can actually do them.

Looking at my daily schedule I have three blocks of time that are ripe for being turned into “Me time.”

  • Every morning after I get up I pour myself a cup of coffee, grab a meal shake, and then dread getting ready to go to work. There is a good 45 minutes to an hour that I could be using to do a blog post while I check in with news sources.
  • Every afternoon between my bus runs I have about three and a half hours of downtime. Right now I spend it taking a nap, eating lunch, and dreading going back to work. Occasionally, I fill it with field trips or some other extra work, and appointments. This might be a good time to do coding, reading, and course taking since I can do some of that on the go if needed.
  • Every evening right before bed I have about a half to one hour. Working on some music should fit this spot. It’s a great way to relax, unwind, and decompress from the day.
  • On weekends I don’t plan to blog, so I can expand on the music, coding, and learning.
  • Photos and videos can be shot at any time of the day. I just need to start getting back in to the habit of doing it. I can also expand this activity on the weekends to do some serious photo/video editing.

Well, guess that’s a start. Let’s see if I can work this plan longer then the time it took to outline it 😉

Still here

And still procrastinating about putting stuff up. I’m trying to get motivated… honest!

Hmm, another site update

Ok, still futzing around. I’ve removed two images from the top slidey menu. I think I like it better, but still tweaking 😉


Ok, slowly but surely I am plinking away at this new setup. I’ve added a favicon YEAH!

Uh, that’s the little picture next to the site’s address. Hey, I’m getting there 😉

I am still thinking about the theme. I like this one I have now, but it is a bit too busy for my tastes. Dissecting it now…


Ok, I seem to have everything all set up with WordPress. Now I am trying to get the theme set up, and some basic house cleaning stuff done too 😉

Back again from the ashes

Well I have no idea what the hell happened…

Everything was going along fine. I updated to the latest drupal, and poof! All gone 🙁

Oh well, going to use it as an opportunity to give WordPress a whirl since I am re-doing everything anyway 🙂

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