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Still here

And still procrastinating about putting stuff up. I’m trying to get motivated… honest!

Hmm, another site update

Ok, still futzing around. I’ve removed two images from the top slidey menu. I think I like it better, but still tweaking 😉


Ok, slowly but surely I am plinking away at this new setup. I’ve added a favicon YEAH!

Uh, that’s the little picture next to the site’s address. Hey, I’m getting there 😉

I am still thinking about the theme. I like this one I have now, but it is a bit too busy for my tastes. Dissecting it now…


Ok, I seem to have everything all set up with WordPress. Now I am trying to get the theme set up, and some basic house cleaning stuff done too 😉

Back again from the ashes

Well I have no idea what the hell happened…

Everything was going along fine. I updated to the latest drupal, and poof! All gone 🙁

Oh well, going to use it as an opportunity to give WordPress a whirl since I am re-doing everything anyway 🙂