Infinity and Beyond

Finally saw Avengers: Infinity War this past weekend. It’s definitely a blockbuster, and over all I enjoyed it…


I almost thought it was too big. For the most part it’s just one, long, continuous fight scene while almost every hero gets a cameo. I recognize that these movies started out to appeal to hard core comic book geeks, but this mega-movie seems to demand that everyone needs to know the Marvel Universe to that degree. You really need to know what’s happened in just about all previous 18 movies to fully get what’s being referenced in the brief interludes between the constant barrage of action. At times it kind of felt like I was watching the season finale of a television that I’d missed key episodes of along the way.

I was actually kind of glad for the ending. Now I don’t have to keep track of every single character in the Marvel Universe. While I can appreciate what they’re trying to do by having all the movies tied in with each other, they should realize we’ve not only got our favorite characters, we’ve got ones we don’t give a rat’s behind for as well.

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